What is Palm Tree Skinning and How Often Should I Schedule It?

February 12, 2023

Trees situated on your personal property require a certain level of care to maximize health and prevent overgrowth. Prioritizing care is crucial if you have palm trees on your property. Skinning, pruning, and palm tree trimming are all types of care required to optimize your tree’s health. While trimming and pruning should be done more frequently, palm tree skinning can be done every 1-3 years. Here’s what you need to know before you call a professional for help.

What Is Palm Tree Skinning?

Palm trees are structured differently than traditional trees because their leaves grow from the tree’s base. Palm tree leaves are called fronds. Each year fronds die but remain on the trunk of your tree, giving it the spiky, woody appearance you sometimes see.

When you hire a professional company to skin your palm tree, they’ll come out and cut the fronds away at their base. It’s commonly referred to as skinning because it leaves your tree with a smooth appearance. As fronds die, removing the dead leaves is vital for several reasons. Dead fronds put extra weight on your tree, soak up water and other essential minerals the rest of your tree needs for survival, and leave your tree susceptible to pest invasion. Not only does skinning help keep your tree healthy, but it also ensures your tree is aesthetically pleasing. Ultimately, palm tree skinning restores the health and beauty of your investment.

What Are the Benefits of Palm Tree Skinning?

When you hire a professional company for palm tree trimming in Las Vegas, you’ll take advantage of several benefits of skinning. As mentioned, failing to remove dead fronds properly subjects your tree to several issues. Routine skinning prevents your tree from suffering from a pest infestation or serving as a home for unwanted critters. Since both insects and rodents can significantly damage your tree, routine skinning ensures the health and livelihood of your palm. See our post How Much Does It Cost to Trim a Palm Tree in Las Vegas? for more information.

Another advantage of routine palm tree skinning is that it prevents your dead fronds from soaking up precious resources that the healthy parts of your tree require for survival. Even though they’re dead, failing to remove these fronds can result in the loss of water and nutrient consumption for the rest of your tree. This is particularly important in dry climates like Las Vegas, where palms can quickly die without the proper care.

Many like how their tree looks when they keep up with routine skinning. Skinned palms look fresh, healthy, and clean. They add curb appeal to your property and convey you care about your home. Skinned palms are healthier, ensuring your tree has a long lifespan.

Scheduling your skinning depends on your tree’s age, health, and growth. Annual palm tree skinnings generally ensure your tree looks great and gets the care it needs to remain healthy.


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